5 commenti su “Nella tua stanza ” Depeche Mode “

  1. Gang Bang

    Molly, from upper-middle class London
    “joined” a gang due to family arguments and
    too much academic pressure at home. She was
    forced, emotionally, to seek love, and used sex
    with violent gangsters to replace a hug and
    soothing parental interface. Instead of “School
    Without Walls” (see Rochester, NY) she’s passed
    her rite, and this has gone on for decades, but as
    soon as she started her own sexual adventures
    she was demonized as “sket,” Jamaican slang
    for slut. This only differs from fraternizing
    and sorority-izing in comfort level, as both groups
    excel at manipulation, winner-take-all, libertarian
    capitalism, unfettered by law, rules or regulations
    while free to beg trillions when their Usury schemes
    fail then cripple the blue collar backbone over here
    in the land of polarization, as in Ralph Nader, Noam
    Chomsky and Michael Moore against O Reilly,
    Gingrich and Palin. On paper this is a smear,
    but in reality we’re as fucked as Molly ever was.


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