3 commenti su “Attraversa l’anima ” Charles Bukowski “

  1. Mayan Angelou Prophetic Calendar of Events

    Enough concentration camps to hold two million at a time.
    Enough new gas lines installed at these converted, deserted
    former factories to assure that more than some millions will pass
    through, away. Is FEMA worried about an outside attack or
    domestic arrests that follow economic collapse? Why waste this
    kind of money just to scare us? No, these are for real, with train
    boarding platforms, one-way turnstiles, and mass graves and
    plastic coffins already in place. Youtube profits beg us to get
    out now, while we can. They say the bible will take care of us,
    “so just go, don’t worry about money or food.” No matter how
    loony they seem, unless you are firmly into the top one percent,
    and philosophize to that effect, you may well be on the “list”
    to join summer camp, or winter camp: concentration is required
    to survive such joints, but history suggests most won’t. Instead
    of enacting change after Reagan and Bush I, Clinton just made
    matters worse, ditto Obama after Bush II. This is not poetic shit,
    but it doesn’t make headlines either. If Jews knew what was coming
    don’t you think they’d have left before the SS and Gestapo moved
    in? The CIA, FBI and Secret Service have lists. If you KNEW you
    were on all three, would you, in 2012, be hanging around the US?


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