72 commenti su “La morte non è niente. Sono solamente passato dall’altra parte…………….marcello

  1. This reminds me of the french philosopher Montaigne who had a near death experience and said death is nothing to be afraid of when it happens, it’s much calmer than life. Thanks for the post .:) (Wasn’t sure how to like it?)

  2. Oh, gee, does that mean I’ll still have to get busy once I pass away? hahh Could I just enjoy my fast dissociation, body, mind, vision, sounds, all drifting away from me at that crucial moment, and everything I’ve come to know as ‘I’ being separated for good, so I can finally see, if only for a fleeting second, each of the different things that convinced me that I was one single, whole thing, when I was alive, when in fact I’m a composite, and none too original, of billions of tiny pieces that somehow stuck to me? But I know that when that instant comes, I’ll be begging for one more sight, one more sniff of a musty basement, one more whiff of a new book or an also dying flower. I’ll be trying to bargain with whatever would come to take me apart to keep me together just for oh a sliver of a second, just so I can remember for the last time that moment I’ve kissed you, that beach I’ve discovered, that little voice saying, Dad. You see, I can’t help it: every time I consider that it’s all been enough already, I come up with one more reason to last, and last, and I’m so tired, last a bit longer. Oh please take me away already and leave this nice blog alone, for crying out loud. By the way, thanks for stopping by at Colltales again. Cheers.

  3. So thought provoking. Reminds me of the first time I attended a Korean funeral. At first I was surprised how little sadness there was, then I thought some more and decided I want my funeral to be a celebration as well.

  4. Hamburgers

    Hamburgers are fun to eat.
    Always are a special treat.
    But what of vegetarians who can’t
    Enjoy the stuff?
    Is there room to stroke the womb
    While dancing buff to buff?
    Or is the bride open so wide
    She gains enlightened bliss,
    While jokers jam and smokers cram
    Each other fist to fist.

    Us vegetarians can eat hamburgers too!
    It’s just a matter of who you meet
    And with whom you do your do.
    And when she cums,
    It’s because your tongue
    Can be soft or attack.
    So kick back and enjoy the rack
    Of a red-headed Hamburger girl.
    And her redheaded friends, who, until the end
    Love to give new lovers a whirl.

    Now she lives in Hamburg
    And braves the winter snow.
    Each time you eat hamburgers
    Your penis starts to grow.
    Which makes you think that someday
    Your heart will sing the praises
    Of juicy pink hamburgers
    You devour in three stages,
    And red-headed party burgers
    Who defy mere mortal phases.

  5. Mio nonno è morto per la leucemia, ormai due anni fa. Fa ancora male. Tanto male, ma questo testo ha voluto che lo scrivessimo per lui sulla sua foto. Mi piace rileggerlo perché fa si che lo senta vicino a me.

  6. E’ proprio così. Chi non è più su questo piano, vuole che lo ricordiamo senza
    angoscia. Personalmente, trovo struggente non poter più vedere fisicamente una
    persona cara, la sola cosa che mi aiuta, è sapere che se succede ,è perchè dove
    loro stanno, non hanno più bisogno di un corpo materiale, sono vivi, spesso anche
    più di noi e ci inviano piccoli segnali della loro presenza.

    Buon tutto a voi.


  7. Bisogna essere coraggiosi nel momento in cui ci troviamo di colpo di fronte alla morte. Non si può prevederne l’arrivo, sarà atroce vivere quel momento , ma il modo migliore per non averne paura è affrontarla e questo post indica bene come comportarsi . Quando mia madre è rimasta sola a 55 anni non si è chiusa nel dolore della perdita, ma a poco a poco ha ripreso la sua vita tra le mani con coraggio arrivando sin qui con di nuovo quel sorriso che sempre aveva caratterizzato la sua vita, anche e soprattutto quella con mio padre. Una testimonianza la sua da prendere d’esempio, anche se rimane sempre l’incognita di come ciascuno di noi possa reagire nel momento di una perdita importante. Grazie per il post caro Marcello. Un caro saluto. Isabella

  8. This is a lovely meditative post on death, so beautiful and so optimistic. I have experience of creatures returning from the after life as my cat, who I was devoted to, returned as a ghost for 3 months after he died. I could not only hear his breathing every night but feel him walking on top of my duvet and snuggling into the spot he always used to sleep in between my leg and the wall. This experience has given me a lot of hope that there is life after death as you obviously have in this piece.

    • First of all sorry for my english caroline
      Then I also believe that there is something after death
      something that makes us live in parallel
      Thanks for your comment and welcome to my world
      a big kiss


  9. First, let me say “thank God” for translators! I would have missed out, definitely! I love your blog; very creative and on the fringe. I loved this post because its truth cut right to my soul. My best friend committed suicide two years ago and I have all sorts of conversations with her; in fact, she answers me in my thoughts which is pretty damn amazing when you think about it. I dream of her and it is like we had a visit and these interludes are a great comfort to me. I want to thank you for stopping by my blog! XO DWD


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